Beware of What You Fear

I would like to start this post by saying that I am not into mumbo jumbo business: third eye, gong massages/baths, chakras and so on. If you talked to me about it, I probably laughed at you already. Inronically enough, I am extremely superstitious- but that has nothing to do with what I want to tell you.

My 27 years of living have taught me one thing: if you really fear something, it will end up happening. I’m not sure why, but my explanation is that we somehow end up materialising our deepest fears…and then they come knocking.
I am a person with many fears, most way too personal to mention here. At the risk of sounding too obvious, my biggest fear is death. Right now I am amidst a huge existential crisis that is making me think in a completely different way. Also, it is managing to seriously freak me out at times. And yes, I know, it is bound to happen. It’s something no one can escape from and the only gratitude I find in all this is that we all have the same fate. There are no exceptions. Hush,  you Twilight fans!

Another thing that I am good at (apart from being constantly afraid) is really digging into my fears. So, I have obviously been discussing this with the people around me and they have offered me some marvelous explanations. They all come down to being true to ourselves and trying to live with no regrets. Then, yesterday I came across this blog post, interestingly enough it was just what I needed.

Actually I decided to write this blog post because of my dad. Since I have known him he was always afraid of one thing happening to him: that he would be left without any underwear. I am sure the underwear is a metaphor for his lively posessions, but at this very moment he is in Qatar without his luggage that has been lost four days ago. Obvously, he can buy new clothes…but the point here is that he got exactly what he feared.

Ending on a higher note: there is, however, a marvelous binary opposition to what I just wrote: logically, if you really REALLY want something, then it is bound to happen as well. Unfortunately, I think humans are way better at being negative.

My plan is to turn the tables and try to be ridiculously positive about my life. Truth be told, I don’t get a do-over.
Hopefully I’ll feel the same enthusiasm tomorrow.

Last, but not the least – do watch Steve Jobs’s speech at Stanford university. He was, after all, one of those who got what he really wanted … but obviously did not manage the escape the inevitable.

T’is life, my friends. Enjoy it!


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